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 03/17/2017 Awarded a contract in Ottawa (Canada)

Ottawa, 17th March 2017
ACS Group will participate, via its subsidiaries Iridium and Dragados Canada, in the works for the extension of the tram-line “The Confederation”, in Ottawa. The consortium “Rideau Transit Group”, led by ACS Infrastructure Canada, Iridium Canadian subsidiary, has been awarded with the construction contract to expand the garages and sheds of the aforementioned line, worth 492 million Canadian Dollars.

As a result of the negotiations, the consortium has also been awarded with the maintenance of the new extension contract, including the civil works, facilities and stops, as well as the additional vehicles.

The works will be planned in order to accommodate thirty eight new vehicles, which will also be supplied by the Group consortium in a subcontracting arrangement with Alstom Transportation. Both the expansion and the additional vehicles, will be intended for various extensions of the initial line, which are part of the second phase of the project which is envisaged to be implemented in 2023. The works will add a total of 26 km of tramway tracks and 15 new stops in addition to the original project. The civil works related to this extension will be subjected to another public tender.

The decision was unanimously supported by all participants of the municipal plenary meeting, which was held on March the 8th in Ottawa. Accordingly, the preliminary agreement has been signed between the city and the consortium, setting the business principles that will be developed in the coming months, as a modification to the existing concession contract.

The construction and maintenance works of the first phase of the project, were awarded to the consortium through the original construction concession in 2012 and its placing in service is foreseen for 2018.

As was the original contract, the second phase of the project will be both privately and publicly funded. Regarding the public contributions, they will come from the Federal Government, Ontario Province and Ottawa City.

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