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 04/06/18 Additional 25% of the A-13 road project in London,

Madrid, 6 April 2018

Iridium and Carillion (AM) Ltd. announce the acquisition by Iridium of an additional 25% of the A13 Thames Gateway PFI Project.

Iridium has completed the acquisition from Carillion (AM) Ltd. of the 25% stake of Carillion’s
shareholding for a consideration of approximately GBP10 Million which will result in
Iridium owning 50% of the issued share capital in Road Management Services (A13)
Holdings Limited. The total enterprise value of the transaction is GBP140 Million.
Specifically, this asset is one of London’s main arteries and the only high capacity
corridor located within East London’s major urban development area.

Iridium has been involved in the development of the Project along with its partners since
its inception in the year 2000, and with this transaction extends its active role in the
United Kingdom, a well-developed PPP market and target market for ACS Group.

The concession has up to 12 years of remaining life and it has been financed with longterm

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