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 Organisational Structure

Line 9 Section 4 Barcelona Subway (Spain)
The members of Iridium's Executive Committee are:

Chief Executive Officer: Nuria Haltiwanger
Chief Operating Officer: Vicente Maraña Calvo
Executive Vice President, North America (Chief Executive Officer ACS Infrastructure Development and ACS Infrastructure Canada): Nuria Haltiwanger
Executive Vice President of Operations for Europe & Latin America: Salvador Myro Cuenco
Executive Vice President of Project Development for Europe & Latin America: Alfonso Sánchez Mier
Chief Financial Officer: Ovidio Sánchez Mier
Chief Accounting Officer: David Cid Grueso
Executive Vice President, Asset Management: Edgar Cancio Díaz
General Counsel: José Luis Donoso Parrado
Director of Human Resources: Isabel López de las Rivas

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