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Vespucio Norte Express
Since 1967, when it ran the concession for the Bay of Cádiz Bridge, the ACS Group has been involved in infrastructure concessions. Since then it has run over 130 concessions for all types of transport and public works infrastructure in eighteen countries on four continents, gaining recognition as a world leader in the execution of these types of contract. These projects have involved a total material investment of over €55 billion and a commitment to invest over €5 billion.

  • 62 motorway concessions 6,400 km
  • 14 railway and metro concessions 1,860 km
  • 6 bridges
  • 16 airports serving over 35 million passengers per year
  • New concession business areas: Intermodal Transportation Hubs (3), hospitals (5), police stations (3 contracts to manage 11 police stations), prisons (1), car parks and several additional contracts to public facilities.
ACS Group was one of the founding shareholders of Abertis, a leading global operator of transportation and communications infrastructure, who currently operates, among others, over 30 concessions developed by ACS over 40 years.

    Brief timeline

  • 1967: Dragados is involved in the León de Carranza - Cádiz bridge concession in Spain.

  • 1969: Dragados is involved in the Tarragona - Valencia motorway concession in Spain.

  • 1989: Dragados develops the Teodoro Moscoso bridge in Puerto Rico. This was a pioneering project in the United States as it was the first time that privatisation was used for a public project in the country.

  • 1997: Dragados establishes its subsidiary Valora 2000, seeking to consolidate its position in the infrastructure concession operations market.

  • 1997: ACS is involved in the concession for line 9 of the Madrid Metro (Puerta de Arganda - Arganda del Rey).

  • 1999: Dragados Concesiones de Infraestructuras, S.A. is formed as the parent company of the Transport Infrastructure Concessions Division of the Dragados Group.

  • 2000: Merger of Aumar and Valora 2000. The resulting company, Aurea Concesiones de Infraestructuras, is the leader in transport infrastructure concessions.

  • 2002: Merger of Aurea with ACESA to produce the company Abertis, a private Spanish corporation that manages transport and communications infrastructure.

  • 2003 - 2004: Following the merger of the Dragados Group with ACS Actividades, the concession investment vehicles of the two groups are incorporated into Dragados Concesiones.

  • 2006: The company name of Dragados Concesiones de Infraestructuras is changed to Iridium Concesiones de Infraestructuras and its corporate purpose is expanded to include all types of infrastructure concession.

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