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 Iridium Environmental Management System

Aware of the importance of respecting and caring for the environment, both for ourselves and the future generations, Iridium Concesiones de Infraestructuras, S.A. has developed and implemented its Environmental Management System, which is integrated with its Quality Management System, on the basis of the standard of reference UNE-EN ISO 14001.

This Environmental System has been audited by the certification body AENOR and was awarded Company Registration Certificate no. GA-2010/0070.
The following is our Environmental Policy, which includes commitments to preventing pollution, to complying with the applicable legal requirements and others that have been endorsed by IRIDIUM in the scope of environmental affairs and the ongoing improvement of the efficiency of the Environmental Management System.

 Iridium Concesiones de Infraestructuras, S.A. Environmental Policy

Aware of the importance of respecting and caring for the environment, both for ourselves and the future generations, IRIDIUM CONCESIONES DE INFRAESTRUCTURAS S.A. expresses in this policy its commitment to the environment, via the following basic principles:
  1. At the tender-drafting stage, to identify the environmental regulations that are applicable in each project.
  2. In managing the operation of infrastructure concessions, to take measures to ensure that the minimum environmental impact is caused and to follow up on the degree of compliance with legal requirements in concessions during the operating stage.
  3. To consume resources (office materials, electricity, etc.) according to the criteria of rationality, efficiency and saving.
  4. To promote the recycling of office consumables (paper, batteries, etc.) and ensure that the waste that is generated is dealt with properly, in line with the applicable legal requirements.
  5. To draft contingency plans in order to identify potential accidents with an environmental impact and stipulate how they should be addressed.
  6. To provide training and information on environmental matters to IRIDIUM personnel and all of those that act on its behalf, by means of notifications, the publication of Handbooks on Best Environmental Practices, talks or any other dissemination methods.
  7. To comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as with other requirements that are endorsed by the organisation in relation to environmental matters.
  8. To plan our activities in such a way as to prevent pollution, guaranteeing continuous improvement of our behaviour in matters pertaining to the environment.

These principles should guide our actions in order that we may combine the drafting of tenders and the management of infrastructure concession operations with the necessary care for the environment.

This Policy shall serve as the framework of reference on the basis of which IRIDIUM's environmental aims and goals will be regularly set and reviewed.

The Environmental Policy shall be notified to all those that work at IRIDIUM and to collaborating companies engaged in activities at our offices. It shall also be made publicly available via the IRIDIUM website.

The Presidency considers this Policy to be an integral part of the business managed by IRIDIUM and as such, of priority importance to all members of management, who will vouch to ensure that it is disseminated, understood and complied with at all levels in the organisation.
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