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 07/23/2019 Entry into service of the Libertadores Complex

The New Los Libertadores Border Complex became operational on July 23. The concession was awarded to Concesiones de Infraestructuras Chile Uno S.A. (100% owned by Iridium) by the Republic of Chile in March 2015. Design and construction work costing Euros 59 million began in May 2015.

The complex has been delivered to the Chilean authorities and will now enter a testing phase with a view to being fully transferred and open to the public in three months.
From the date the complex becomes operational, the concession-holder will be entitled to remuneration for the infrastructure's operation, which mainly involves providing servicing and maintenance works, cleaning and waste management services, food, laundry and communications services, luggage management, operation of user information services and management of the roads within the complex during winter.

The border post is located almost 3,000 meters above sea level in Chile on the route that links Mendoza in Argentina to the region of Valparaiso in Chile. The Complex was built by Dragados and contains three main buildings located on a 40,000 m2 concrete platform for vehicle traffic. These buildings will house border control facilities and a residential unit for employees of the Sub-commissariat of the ‘Subcomisaría del Cuerpo de Carabineros de ChileÂ’ (Chilean National Law Enforcement Police Force) and has a gross surface area of more than 35,000 m2.

The design and performance of the works at this altitude have faced constant challenges, such as the need to cover the main building in prepared laminated wood to withstand snowfalls of 1,400 kg and having to work in temperatures below -15 degrees centigrade.

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