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 07/23/2019 Entry into service of the Confederation Line CAN

The line was officially certified as being ready for use on August 30, 2019 and was thereafter opened to the public on September 14, 2019.

The agreement to place the line into service that was entered into with the City of Ottawa states that 13 trains will run at peak times, rather than the 15 provided for in the agreement, until the reliability of the line has been demonstrated. In exchange, deductions will be applied to the availability payments, which will be borne by Alstom as the vehicle maintenance subcontractor.

The Confederation Line is 12.5km long and runs from the east of the city to west via a 2.5km tunnel under the city center. It has 13 stations, three of which are below ground. Total travel time is 24 minutes and at peak times the line has capacity for 10,700 commuters per hour in each direction. As this is Ottawa's first light rail line, its opening ceremony was considered an historical event and was therefore attended by elected officials from the three administrations (municipal, regional and federal) that participated in financing it.

The scope of the maintenance and rehabilitation activities associated with the line's east and west extensions (which were both included in phase two of the project and which are expected to enter into service in 2024) has been officially included in the contract following the line's entry into service. The extensions will add a total of 44 kilometers of new track, 24 stations and 38 vehicles to the project. The additional scope is valued at approximately CAD 1,800 million.

As a result of the phase two negotiations, it was also awarded to the Iridium and Dragados consortium to expand workshops and depots, supply new vehicles and provide services to oversee the design and construction of the extensions.

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